Thursday, February 25, 2010

why a blog about this?

for some time i have been considering trying to "blog" but really did not think i had the time or enough interesting things to write about.  when i decided to have the bod improvement surgery and started telling a few friends about the procedures to come, everyone seemed to be very interested in all the details and what is would be like.  so, while lunching with my favorite blogging sisters, i agreed to blog if one of them would set it up and make it cute.  the elder sister agreed.  after lunch the younger sister was emailing me about some party plans and said she was so excited about me being the plastic pioneer and that she could not wait to hear all about it.... thus the blog and the name were born.

so many thanks to the pioneer blogging sisters for their talents and ideas....  hope you enjoy the rest of the info to come.

triple p....

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