Friday, February 19, 2010


Well we are on day two with the new bod and tatas. So far, so good. Before the big day, i was most worried about the anesthesia for 3.5 hours and the surgical risks. Fortunately neither of these fears were realized. I had a great two days at Northside with wonderful nurses - except that they were a little stingy with the pain meds.... of course i start asking at least 30 minutes before time to take them. By today we had a mutual understanding that i was going to continue to request until they produced. So between the percocet and the muscle relaxers we are all doing well.

couple of thoughts: i think it is a good thing for your doctor to act like a proud proud man after working on your new bod and tatas.... and Dr. E. he was proud of himself. And i must say so far i can see why. can you say perky?

next, drains. okay so this is the least fun thing about the journey so far. i mean who wants four tubes coming out of their hips when trying to admire the new tight as a drum tum tum? And there is terminology i did not even know about - i have to milk these things to get the fluid out and measure it to boot. let's just leave it at that - not pleasant.

Well i will have to check in later - going to work on getting a muscle relaxer down, check the drains, admire the tatas and tum tum.... and maybe upload some photos.

love to all - triple p

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