Thursday, February 25, 2010

the final straw...

i found this lovely photo from December 31, 1994.  we were vacationing in the bahamas and i am obviously getting ready to snorkel.  it was on this trip that i was asked if i was pregnant by some teenage boy who was trying to protect me and my unborn child from harm while go cart riding.  he was promptly told that i most certainly was not pregnant and to move out of my way.  i remember thinking what an idiot he was.  now looking at this pic, i believe he was asking an extremely reasoable question and in retrospect, i thank him for two things:  first, for doing his job and trying to protect my unborn child (even though it was only a beer gut.) and for pissing me off so badly that i immediately came home and hit the diet and exercise hard. 

between january and march, i lost 30 pounds and went from really undeniably FAT to just a little large.  That is where i stayed the rest of my college years and until late 1999.  that is when my skinny friend asked me to be in her wedding and i was determined not to have the widest ass walking down the isle....  i lost 15 more pounds.  although i have not seen the pics from the wedding, i don't think my ass was the widest and i remember feeling like i looked good.

if you will remember from the previous post, this puts me now around 160ish (really was around 155 for the wedding) and then snuck up about 10lbs until i got engaged two years later.  another 15 down and then the babies came....  one, two, divorce diet, three. 

this created swings from the low 150s to the low 200s and back all three times, but never even with 9lb full term mexican baby Consuella, did i weigh in as much as the fall of 1994.

more to come from triple p...

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  1. You give me hope! I can't believe how far you have come. WOW! You go girl!